ristorante l'ACQUARELLA

Ancient pictures of the early fifties show the old country house near the lake shore, at that time one of the few comfort places for hunters and rare excursionists. Since then the house,always run by father and son of the Stefanelli family, has gained a marvellous garden and a large summer verandah.

The menu is mostly lake and sea fish, without being unfaithful to our own strong tradition of being real countrymen.
That's why we recommend some sea hors-d'oeuvre, but also some tasteful bruschettas with excellent hand-cut ham on the side. Among the first courses: tagliatelle, little dumplings and cannelloni, all of them obviously home-made, then several different types of focaccias, always served hot for better enjoyment.
Acquarella's whitefish and perch tender-loins with tomatoes are two of our best and most requested specialties; we can also offer you a rich-flavoured and spicy crustacean soup or some good salted spigolas.

On rainy days the neighboring woods bring us very special porcine mushrooms: it would be a great idea to taste them together with genuine meat veal in our winter menu.

Our trusted Shepherd invites to try his savoury buttermilk curds or some good small new salted cheeses, bringing back to memory flavours and fragrances of the past.

Rustic cakes: blackberry pies, ring-shaped cakes and everything else related to the ancient regional tradition.

Ask Padron Matteo, our young gourmet, for the best wine to accompany the special dishes you have just chosen; he can also suggest great spirits and fine brandies to end your lunch in a definetly proper way.

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