We are located in a very strategic position, just in the very heart of Trevignano Romano, where everything is surrounded by a stylish and comfortable atmosphere.
The SP. 4 bis route links us with the via Cassia Roma-Viterbo, making a fast connection with the city and Fiumicino airport.
The connection with the Metropolitana FM3 (by Trevignano-Cesano shuttle bus) riassures easy travelling within the urban playground.
The amazing stage of Bracciano's lake gives a unique worldwide sensation of beauty.

The climate is particularly comfortable and mild offering the chance of an extraordinary outdoor life, so that time seems to be standing still.
Art, traditions and vestiges of ancient civilizations take place in the several Musei Civici, in the ruins of ancient Roman and Etruscan installations (as the Palafitte of Vicarello) all centered around flavours and tastes of a simple and truly cooking tradition.

Sport activities get a natural habitat in our tennis courts, in the "Compagnia degli Etruschi" archery quarter, in our sailing schools, always getting in touch with the true and everlasting nature.
On the lake any kind of engine-powered activity is forbidden (the lake itself being a water-reserve for the city of Rome).
But this place is famous not only for its water... the "bianco del lago" wine and the "rosso del lago" wine keep good company during rainy days or during relaxing moments, getting along in a great way with eels, white-fishes and lattarini just caught.
If you are way too lazy or tired to cook the Acquarella restaurant will chaperon you through the good basic courses of the place.

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