It's the new formula for purchasing the house for your holidays. Established in France, where it has reached an extraordinary success it has now been proposed for the very first time in Italy by Bagaglino.

What : you buy your house in one of the exclusive Bagaglino holiday-villages, you use it for your vacations and in the remaining period Bagaglino will take care of your property while making it yield.

How : by watching the housekeeping and the touristic management, by taking upon itself all the expenses and assuring you a yearly income.

But that's not enough! If you want to change, you can decide on spending your holidays in another touristic centre of the Bagaglino ring, with free access to all its services.

Nouvelle Propriété is Les Houches, Chamonix, center of mountain-climbing in summer and skiing paradise during winter. Chalet flats and "Piste Bleue" mini-flats have already been sold to the lodging management company, with the new revenue formula that assures you the payment of rent, besides the interchangeability of your own holidays within any structure of the ring and several advantages offered by the french tax system for overseas investors. The houses are equipped with fittings and high quality refinements, all for comfort and beauty.

Nouvelle Propriété is Stintino Golf & Country Village, with a 18 hole par 72 golf course featuring deep bunkers, with a special wavy field among marvellous little woods and a big lake where wild flamingoes live... and all around the apartment system and villas with pool and private garden, for living every day in an exclusive world. Stintino offers everything you will ever need to make your holidays memorable on the marvellous sea of Sardinia Island in the very heart of Mediterranean sea. This is the place where, besides sport and leisure, the day turns into an unforgettable evening consisting of performances and theatre, meeting with friends or candle light dinner, with a fascinating sea-sunset background.

A new stunning Bagaglino destination is now available in this fine caribes location. Invest with us in the Dominican Republic and get a real estate property assured income with a very high annual revaluation. With a modest sum you will be able to purchase an apartment, already fitted, in the touristic village of "La Vacama" , not far from the Punta Cana airport. All in the distinguished Bagaglino style.

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