Livin Real Estate Services brings a new concept into the field of building houses, for its main commitment is to follow its customers through all the steps of buying, selling or rearranging their houses.
Beneath the LIVIN flag there is a skilled team of professionals, each one a leader in his own role, who has gathered for offering the final answer to all those problems that are related with the needs of house settlement.
Livin's headquarters are located in the small town of Trevignano Romano, in the beautiful surroundings of Bracciano lake, just for emphatizing the spirit of freedom of its Members.
The Livin team is formed by Immobiliare Catena and by Agenzia Arca, both of them well renowed for their trading activity and is backed up by Minnucci Costruzioni, which has earned a solid reputation for the touch of class and the outstanding quality of its houses.
For handling very particular problems the Livin team can rely on external Consultants. It has got its own specialized manpower and trusted suppliers, like Importex for all wooden works and pavements.
In this way Livin can offer custom solutions to custom needs.
In short Livin's main commitment is to shelter its clients in all the activities that too often spread a light of despair on the dream of "moving".

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